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We make stuff happen - digitally speaking!

Fullstack ninjas

Does it feel like you need help with everyting?
We don't know your business, but we do know system development.

System integration

Do you need someone to boost the communication between your systems?

We can tame almost anything that's digital.

Business Intelligence

We have a highly decent competence in providing businesses with the performance indexes they need. You should give us a call.

Cloud stuff

We have years of expertise in Azure and AWS.

Let's bring you up with the new technologies and all the benefits they provide!

Data storage and transformation

You don't have to love databases.

But we do.

Mostly because data is gold.

Audits and documentation

Need to analyze your digital landscape?

Interested in a IT roadmap for the future?

We got you.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

Waiting is never a good friend if you want to keep up with competition.

Why Choose Us

Why not? :(

Our Team


We are a dedicated team, with short decision paths.

Linus Waerner

Chief of performance

Linus Waerner

Lead developer
The doer


Business Controller
Template for good taste

Linus Waerner

Human Resources

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